Martenitsi for charity

3We believe in best: Making martenitsi for charity

Days before the March 1 children and their grandparents do martenitsi and the funds they spent on buying equipment for neonatology Hospital “St. Anna “.

Eli and Ivan were among more than 200 children made martenitsi with their grandmothers. Anyone can buy from charity martenitsa at the Art House “Dolls” to 2 March

All martenitsi are worth 5 to 10 lev. Such X-ray currently in hospital will and the amount needed to buy is about 20 000 Levs.

“Basically it’s high-tech equipment that has many, many requirements for space and for the reliability and quality of manufactured materials are safe for children,” said Dr. Radosveta Rosmanova, Head of the Department of Neonatology University Hospital “St. Anna “.

So far collected 2,000 leva.

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