About us

We are Alexander and Stefan, students club “Innovation” Professional School of Electrical Engineering and Automation – c. Sofia, 8th grade specialty “System programming” and supervisor eng. Rumiana Slavtcheva.
In recent years they have become more global problems of a different nature – natural disasters, famine and poverty, fleeing, and put to the test the vast majority of humanity, the environment and wildlife. This led us to think hard about what needs to be done by us to help in the current extremely negative situation on the planet.

We decided to create this website for educational purposes in which to focus on these disasters and to gather information about humanitarianism and humanitarian aid to humanitarian organizations and how to contact them. We would like to show what activities are carried out on the territory of our country and our school.

If you wish to send a postcard to UNICEF of your relatives and friends Prompts to do something good, you can do it on our site.

As a rising generation should not forget that charity and mutual assistance are of the noblest human qualities.

                                     Thank you for your attention!