Orphanage “St. Nikolai “

Capture3-300x175Orphanage “St. Nicholas” began to be built in 1988 in the yard of the church “Holy Trinity” in. New Khan under the control of the church board. Construction began in 480 lev From the very beginning right up to today home is supported and equipped only with grants and donations. By state and church institutions have not sought assistance. For more than 20 years in the shelter have passed more than 900 people who have found shelter, warm food and clothing. They need live until settle. Currently (October 2014) in the community live 290 people, including 110 children (babies born at home 18 years). In addition to the home in. New Han majority of families are accommodated in the colony of family houses in the village. Yakimovo, Montana. Father Ivan ambition is to provide people in Yakimovo not just a temporary shelter, but real homes, and to train them to fend for their livelihoods as processed yards and the available agricultural land.

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