Project “If you gave”

Mino Karadjov – student of 9th class PGEA Sofia is co-founder of the project “If you have given.”

“We live by what we give!” Is the motto of the project.

The initiative takes 21:06:15 start, when he was made the first round of food. The main initiators of the project Stefan Cholakov Mino Karadjov. The aim is fit residual food to be submitted for distribution instead izhvarlya.Spored founders is it correct to give people instea11401344_962822197096076_3729669708555248907_nd they take it into disgrace of garbage! Anyone who wants to financially support the project can make it through translation: Foundation “If you have given” IBAN: BG40STSA93000022961307 DSK Bank.

On October 15, 2015 in a closed session discussion the jury of the “40 to 40”, composed of: Veselka Vutkova, Gergana Passy, ​​George Gavazov, Zhechko Kyurkchiev, Evgenia Peeva, Elijah Garkov Krasimira Velichkova, Leona Aslanov, Maria Vassileva Petya Georgieva and Konstantin Valkov determined according to predetermined criteria which will be the next “40 to 40” – a project of Darik radio. They had the difficult task of distinguishing only 40 of all 200 nominees in this year’s draft. In the first stage of voting, each of the jury members evaluated the nominations on a scale from 1 to 10, and discussion session were discussed nominees gathered the largest number of points. Among the assessment criteria this year came to the fore, have not only professional success, but the success of others and society have created a successful innovation that changes positive environment around us to work on socially significant projects, place initiatives in Bulgaria, it is not media celebrities have a positive example for teenagers and others.

Mino Kardzhov is an excellent 21st place.

Beginning Project “If you gave” Classification of Darik Radio