Project “Mapping and control of water resources”

1013793_899265760115249_553981786438169086_n1Recent years due to adverse climatic conditions and subjectivity in making management decisions in the management of water resources of the Republic of Bulgaria were permanently negative consequences on the national territory, as follows: human life, considerable material damage to buildings and arable land. They were ruined thousands of lives.

This prompted students Alexander MATAROV, Bozhidar Ivanov and Alexander Alexiev with leaders – Eng. Rumyana Slavcheva and eng. Ognyan Dirimanov create project “System for mapping and monitoring water resources” with which to avoid all these terrible consequences for the population.
The project was presented at the International hekaton NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge, a joint project with “Traveler in the Universe”, which in turn received a medal. Both projects sparked a media furor.

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