Project “Playground of the Future”


Realized with green energy and sensor technology.

Capture“Children should grow playgrounds, to represent their magical world of games and entertainment, created to model characters, emotions, technical skills and culture, educating them in the love and compassion for nature and people.”

In the academic year 2013/2014, the club Innovations in PGEA with leaders – Eng. Rumyana Slavcheva and eng. Ognyan Dirimanov and students: Dimitar Plachkov, Martin Lirkov Martin Savov and Christian Spasov
They created the “Playground of the Future” initiative which is Hanze Uneversity of Applied Science, Philips, and the largest green energy “Entrance” – Netherlands.
The project grabs second place in Europe, the Gold Medal of the Fifth National Exhibition of Inventors in Bulgaria ITI, 2014, and first place at the National Autumn Tournament IT “John Atanasov” 2014.

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Beginning For more information Expression in BTV Article “Life Today”